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National Women Council


The Council and Services offered

What is the NWC?

The National Women’s Council is an organisation that promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality, especially through the active participation of women in the social, economic and political fields as well as being a platform for women to voice their needs, concerns and aspirations.

What are the services provided by the NWC?

a)   Immediate Relief Fund:
·     The NWC has, since 2011, been operating a “Rupees for Solidarity Scheme” which aims at:
a)  providing immediate relief to women in distress, pending their access to other means of social aids; and
b)  Strengthening solidarity ties between women.
·     The immediate relief fund is funded by the Women’s Associations affiliated to the Council where each member of the association contributes a maximum of Rs 1 monthly.
·    The amount disbursed varies from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000, and the amount funded is on a case to case basis, depending on the severity of the distress and vulnerabilities.
b)   Adult Literacy Programme:
·     The       Adult Literacy Programme aims at equipping women with basic literacy and numeracy skills required to adapt themselves to the fast changing environment of our modern world, at the same time furthering their self development through Adult Literacy Courses in various outstations throughout the island.
c)   Dressmaking & Related Craft Unit:
The above unit conducts training in dressmaking, embroidery and related crafts (see more).
d)  Women’s Associations Unit:
     The Women’s Associations Unit was set up to encourage women to:
  • regroup themselves into women’s associations;
  • disseminate information on women’s rights issues; and
  • promote of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE).


Courses Offered

What are the courses offered provided by the NWC?

Courses Offered
Adult Literacy Courses
The following courses are dispensed during week days through Women Centres, Community Centres, Social Welfare Centres, Village Halls and Socio-Cultural Centres between 09 00 to 16 00 hrs as follows:
Duration of Courses:
The duration of each of the above course is 88 hrs which ranges from 4 months to 2 years depending on the calendar of activities.
Resource Person:
Mr. L. Menelas
Tel No. : 217 3971
Dressmaking & Related Craft Courses
The Dressmaking & Related Craft Unit conducts training in dressmaking, embroidery and related crafts.
The curriculum of the Dressmaking and Related Craft course includes:

1.  Surface Design 
2.  Hand Embroidery 
3.  Handicraft 
4.  Interior Design 
5.  Crochet Craft 
6.  Eco Craft 
7.  Beads Craft 
Duration of Course: 12 weeks
Resource Person:
Senior Dressmaking and Craft  Teacher:
Mrs. S. Beekoo
Tel No. : 217 3971
Senior Dressmaking and Craft Teacher:
Mrs. C. Ramgoolam
Tel No. : 217 3971​


Additional information on courses

Costs involved
All courses are delivered free-of-charge
1.   All Adult Literacy Courses are MQA Approved.
(ii) A certificate of attendance is issued to trainees after having successfully passed the examination conducted by the unit.
Applicants need to send their application by filling the online application form.
Any women, (young girls, school dropouts, staying at home, working women) can apply for courses.
Contact Person:
Ms. M. Rughony
Programme Officer
Tel No: 242 4566​