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National Women Council
National Women Council>About Us>What We Do>Social Empowerment of women/ girls

Social Empowerment of women/ girls

Social Empowerment of women/girls through:
Sensitisation campaigns on:​
  • Gender Concept (inc breaking stereotypes)
​       - Women’s Rights as Human’s Rights (in collaboration with the Human Rights Commission)​​​
       - Sustainable Development Goals 5 (SDG 5)​

  • ​​Women in the economy​
       - Services from Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives​
       - Job fair

  • Women and Climate Change (in collaboration with Ministry of Environment)
       - Distribution of Eco bag and plants
       - Rain water Harvesting

  • Women and health (in collaboration with Ministry of Health, MFPWA)
       - Awareness sessions on health issues​
       - Medical checkup (Papsmear test, blood donation, etc)
       - Awareness Session on Prevention of HIV/Aids​
       - Nature trail, culinary exhibitions

  • Safety /Risk Disaster
       - Road Safety campaigns​
       - Crime Prevention and Personal Security
       - Training on Risk Disaster Management

  • Act
       - Jewellery Act
       - Consumer Protection Act
       - Elderly Act​
       - New NWC Act 2016

  • ​Sports Activities