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National Women Council

Sections of the NWC

Senior Staff
Mrs. N. D. Naeck
217 3973
Administrative Section
Human Resource Section
Ag Senior Human Resource Officer
Mrs. M. D.Luchoomun
217 0428
Finance Section
Accounts Officer
Mrs. S. Sewtohul
218 4820
Technical Section
Women’s Association Unit
Programme Officer
Ms. M. Rughony
242 4566
Dressmaking and Related Craft Unit
Senior Dress Making & Craft Teacher
Mrs. S. Beekoo
217 3971
Senior Dress Making & Craft Teacher
Mrs. C. Ramgoolam
217 3971

Technical Section
Project Unit
The Project Unit has the responsibility to:
v  identify,
v  formulate, and
v  implement projects for women’s empowerment and gender equality.
Some of the projects that Project Unit has put in place are:
Women’s Association Unit Section
The Women’s Associations Unit was set up to encourage women to:
          v regroup themselves into women’s associations;
          v   disseminate information on women’s rights issues;
          v   and promote of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE)